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More Info

 Miniature acrylic ginger jar

Between centres


Small scraper/cutter for inside

V. fine grits + burnishing cream

Negative rake scrapers good

Small jaws

Acrylic or polyester resin blank

min size  50 dia x 100 long.

Special coloured resin blank provided - numerous different patterns/colours available.
Choose your own shape for the jar.
Suggest lid be shaped to make it easier to get hold of than that shown.
Check jaws small enough  - Axminster standard C jaws barely small enough, no spare for dovetail on resin blank of 52mm dia.
Acrylic chips easily, use light cuts with v sharp tools; shear or scrape.
May need hole in jam chuck to push lid off.

Sue Harker

Woodturning 219 Nov 10 p.27