The Max Carey Woodturning Trust provides Structured Woodturning Courses for beginners new to woodturning through to more the experienced turner. The aim is to give the novice the basic woodturning skills and then allow them to develop their natural talent to become artistically creative and proficient in the craft. This is achieved through the following courses:

Training Courses

     ‘APPRENTICESHIP’ Style Course

A comprehensive foundation course, suitable for newcomers to woodturning, is offered over a 20 week period.

The course has been developed and regularly updated to provide a structured approach to developing basic woodturning and tool sharpening skills. A course manual is available.

Experienced tutors are on hand to advise throughout the period.

On successful completion of the course a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ is awarded.

Apprenticeship projects are shown here

Training Courses

            JOURNEYMAN Course

This intermediate course is aimed at progressing, stretching and challenging the more experienced turners.

The course encourages the turner to experiment with new techniques. Hollow forms, off-centre, carving, colouring, piercing and texturing are just some skills which can be developed.

A structured course manual and website material enable the turner to choose from a range of activities and projects which best suits their own personal development needs.

Journeyman projects are shown here

Training Courses

                   ARTISAN Course

This advanced course is designed to challenge more experienced turners and increase their range of expertise and experience. These include latticework, thin wall turning, spirals, turning polyester resin and laminated materials, involuted turning, multi-centre turning, carving on the lathe, segmental work, piercing and several other methods for decorating turned work. 

The course is run as a group to encourage interaction and learning from each other during the making of the different items.
Projects and techniques are also supported by website material.

Artisan projects are shown here

Training Courses

                 MASTERS Course

The Masters course will enable the experienced turner to develop broader skills to further enhance the craft of woodturning and the ability to encourage and support new entrants in to the craft. This will be achieved through a structured course which will include, Creative Design, Personal Specialism, Instructor/Demonstrator Training, Health and Safety/First Aid Training.
The programme will complete the woodturners learning experience and provide the skills to promote and progress an individual’s journey in woodturning.