The Trust was formed to provide an opportunity and facilities for people to be educated in Woodturning. The Charitable Company was incorporated on the 13th November 2008 and commenced activities on the 1st. January 2010. The ‘Mill’ is a former joinery shop which had been disused for almost 20 years following the closure of the Building and Joinery business owned by Max Carey. Max had a lifelong passion for woodturning and when diagnosed with cancer wished to see the workshop used for the benefit of fellow woodturners.

In conversation one evening Max and Stuart Bradfield agreed to set up a charitable company, develop the workshop, and provide up to date equipment and accommodation. There was a need to raise the funds to refurbish the workshop, upgrade the electrics and install suitable heating. At the same time staff were being trained in the management of the workshop, including Health & Safety and first aid.

The Max Carey Woodturning Trust became a Registered Charity on the 21st April 2011.

Training and development packages have been implemented :

   The Apprenticeship Course in partnership with the Avon and Bristol Woodturners
   The intermediate Journeyman Course
   The Artisan Course for more advanced work
   The Masters Course develops creative skills and tutoring


Nick Agar


Stuart Bradfield - Chair
Mary Ashton
Ian Burke
June Carey

Harry Childs

Michael McCrea-Steele



Stuart Bradfield

Ian Burke
Andrea Castell

Harry Childs

Richard Lane

Patrick de Landre-Grogan
John MacLellan
Michael McCrea Steele

Bryan Sheppard

Andrea Vine

Paul Brooks

The Max Carey Woodturning Trust is a Not-For Profit Charitable Company

Limited by Guarantee

Registered in England & Wales No. 6748664

Registered Charity No. 1141550